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Sonoma County ARTrails


ARTrails takes place during two consecutive weekends each October. This year's event is on October 11-12 and 18-19, 2008, 10 am to 5 pm.


ARTrails is an annual event in which the public is invited to visit the studios of participating Sonoma County artists, view their work, speak with the artists, ask them questions, and buy unique pieces of art.

  • You’ll find quality work. This is a juried program, meaning that only those artists who are approved into the program are able to participate. The 7-person jury is made up of different art professionals each year. These include other artists, art instructors, gallery directors, or curators.
  • This is an excellent opportunity to do some holiday shopping and find unique, personal gifts from Sonoma County. Once you find that perfect gift, make sure to ask the artist a few questions about it so that you can pass on the information to the recipient. In the past, I’ve taken my holiday cards with me. And after buying a gift, I’ve asked the artist to sign the card as well, making the present even more special. (By the way, this isn't an inherent part of the ARTrails event. But, so far, everyone has been very accommodating.)
  • Make it an event. Sonoma County is gorgeous during the month of October. So, this is a great excuse to drive through the back roads and view this region’s beauty as well as its art.


Artists' studios throughout Sonoma County are open for the event.

How Much

Visiting the studios is free to the public.

Contact Info:

The program is put together by the Arts Council of Sonoma County [/br] artrails@sonomaarts.com
FAX 707-542-3412

The First Step:

The first step is to get a copy of the free ARTrails catalog which has sample photos of each artist’s work and a map of where the studios are located. Decide which artists you’d like to visit and circle their location on the map and plan out your route. Of course, you can get the same information on the website and print out the map, but it’s easier to just get the catalog.

Where to Get the Catalog:

Starting in late September, the color catalogs can be found throughout Sonoma County at:
  • visitor centers
  • libraries
  • most art galleries and museums
  • many locally owned businesses.

If you don’t happen to run into any of the catalogs, the following places are always stocked:

  • The Arts Council Gallery
    529 Fifth Street
    downtown Santa Rosa

  • Copperfield's Bookstores:

    Santa Rosa
    Montgomery Village
    2316 Montgomery Dr.
    (707) 578-8938

    138 North Main St.
    (707) 823-2618

    140 Kentucky St.
    (707) 762-0563

    1330 Lincoln Ave.
    (707) 942-1616

    3900A Bel Aire Plaza
    Hwy. 29 & Trancas St.
    (707) 252-8002

  • Rileystreet Art Supply

    Santa Rosa
    103 Maxwell Ct.
    (707) 526-2416

    500 W. Napa St.
    (707) 935-3199

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