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Airport Stadium 12


Airport Stadium 12

409 Aviation Blvd, Santa Rosa
(707) 522-0330

$9.50 General Admission
$6.50 Children (3 – 11) and Seniors (60+)
Bargain Matinee
$7 for any show before 6 pm
$5 all day every Tuesday – excludes starred attractions


  • Parking:There is a large parking lot serving the entire shopping center in which the theater is located.
  • The theater is popular with families because it’s located close to Funky Monkey (a pizza parlor and game center similar to Chuck E. Cheeses but with more windows and better pizza). So, families often go from one to the other and make an outing of it. There are other eateries in the shopping center including a Vietnamese restaurant, a Mexican restaurant and bar, a café and coffee bar, Quiznos’ Subs, and a Carl’s Jr.
  • In the summer, the theater hosts a children’s film series with inexpensive admission. (As does 3rd Street Cinema.)
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