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Roxy Stadium 14 Cinemas

Santa Rosa's largest movie theater is the place to see those blockbusters.


Roxy Stadium 14 is Santa Rosa’s “main” theater, in the sense that it plays the top, first-run movies, has the most screens and is located downtown, across the street from the Santa Rosa Mall. And it’s architecturally the nicest theater in the whole city.

Basic Information

Address: 85 Santa Rosa Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: 707-522-0330

Ticket Prices:

General Admission: $10.00
Children (3-11) and Seniro Citizen (60+): $6.75
Bargain Matinee (before 6 p.m.): $7.75
Discount Tuesdays (excludes starred attractions): $5.00


There is free parking all day Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The theater also offers three hour validation with admission Monday through Fri before 7 p.m. A city parking structure on the west side of the theater (1st Street Garage) offers free parking and validation.

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