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Things to Do in Sonoma County


Not only is Sonoma County naturally beautiful, and not only is it blessed with a temperate climate that allows for year-round play, but California Wine Country is one of the nation's prime tourist destinations. So, it's little wonder that Sonoma County offers locals and visitors alike, plenty to do throughout the year.
  1. Event Listing for This Month plus Highlights
  2. Annual Events
  3. Food and Wine Events
  4. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Event Listing for This Month plus Highlights

Find a listing of current happenings, plus view articles about must-see events for the month such as top festivals, holiday celebrations, special events, current exhibits and more.

Annual Events

These are the events and holiday celebrations that take place each year in Sonoma County. They are listed in (more-or-less) chronological order.

Food and Wine Events

Local Dungeness Crab is a Sonoma County Favorite.

Sonoma County is a world-renowned food and wine region. And the locals love to celebrate their foodie lifestyle whenever possible. Every weekend (and sometimes it seems like every day) there's some kind of event designed to pay homage to fine food, fine wine, and joyful living.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Spring Lake Regional Park in Santa Rosa

The Pacific Ocean and the Russian River, mountains and redwood forests...just try telling a local that Sonoma County isn't the most beautiful place on earth. Don't worry. We won't bite your head off. Instead we'll just politely smile and say, "Glad you think so. Please go live somewhere else." And then we'll go about our merry way and enjoy the great bounty that Mother Nature has lain before our feet.

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