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Serious Wine Collectors

Pinot on the River Festival


One group dressed up as the Wizard of Oz characters to go wine tasting.
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"We’re serious wine collectors," explains Lynn Wagner, the Good Witch of the East.

Wagner likes to visit Wine Country periodically to find treasures for her wine cellar back in Southern Cal. During Halloween time, she and some family and friends like to dress up to go wine tasting. In past years, they've been the Gilligan's Island gang, but this time they're the Wizard of Oz bunch. On the far right is Gary Luchtel, of Surh Luchtel Cellars in Napa, who's supposed to be the Cowardly Lion. But it was such a warm day and the costume was so heavy that he opted to be the "Hawaiian Lion" instead. On Halloween, the Oz bunch will be out wine-tasting at Acacia Winery in Napa, and Luchtel promises to wear his lion attire. If you see him, ask him to roar like the Oz lion. He's good.

Pictured left to right are Bruce Wagner, Frank Wagner, Barbara Brentano, Cheryl Ferrell, Lynn Wagner and Gary Luchtel.
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