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Living In Santa Rosa: Issues / History / Government

If you need a primer on current issues in town, some background and history on Santa Rosa, or basic information about local government (who are elected officials are, how to get married, how to fight a parking ticket, etc), this is the place to go.

Budget Guide to Santa Rosa and Sonoma County
A Budget Guide to FREE and Cheap things to do, deals and specials in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County

Ending Hunger in Sonoma County - The Redwood Empire Food Bank
Redwood Empire Food Bank is Sonoma County's largest hunger-relief organization. REFB acquires food and distributes it through a network of charitable agencies and their own food assistance programs. REFB also advocates for legislation to provide long-term solutions to hunger.

Breastfeeding Resources in Santa Rosa
A listing of breastfeeding resources in the Santa Rosa, CA area, including hospitals, La Leche League, government resources and more.

Swimming Pools and Swim Centers Open to the Public in Santa Rosa
Pools and swim centers open to the public in Santa Rosa, CA.

Radio Stations in Sonoma County
A list of local radio stations in Sonoma County.

Potholes in Santa Rosa and Sonoma County
Sonoma County is known for its natural beauty, its food, its wine, its (counter)culture and—its potholes. The county road system has been ranked the worst in the Bay Area for the past three years.

A Brief History of Sonoma County
Early Sonoma County History - Native Tribes to the Bear Flag Revolt

Santa Rosa Ranks in the Upper Half of Safest Cities
Morgan Quitno Press ranked Santa Rosa as the 133 safest city out of 371 in 2006.

Reunification of Courthouse Square
Many residents believe that after Mendocino Ave. cut Santa Rosa's Courthouse Square in half, the square lost its identity as the central hub for the community and, in turn, it also lost its power to attract shoppers and tourists to the downtown area. They believe that by reunifying the square the downtown would be revitalized, and Santa Rosans would enjoy an improved local economy as well as a greater sense of community and a better quality of life. Of course, not everyone agrees.

City of Santa Rosa
This is the website for the city of Santa Rosa. They offer information on city administration, police and fire departments, transit and parking, community and economic development and much more. If you have any questions about government matters, how to obtain licenses, permits etc., check here first.

County of Sonoma
This is the website for the County of Sonoma. They offer a directory, information on human services, departments and agencies, etc. If you have questions about animal regulation, health permits for food sales, property taxes, public records such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates, and more, check here first.

The Press Democrat
This is the website for the local newspaper of record. As well as news and entertainment, this site also offers a good online search for housing, employment, and more.

Sonoma County Library
There are 13 branches within the library system. Books can be checked out from any branch or delivered to your neighborhood branch. Anyone can apply for a card. The library also offers storytimes and other kids events, adult literacy classes, bookgroups and classes, free wi-fi connections at all sites, more. They also offer great resources for local history and genealogy research.

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