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Radio Stations in Sonoma County

Local AM and FM Radio Stations


Sonoma County’s local radio stations are listed below, in alphabetical order, by type of music played.


KLVR - 91.9 FM
“K-Love: Positive and Encouraging”
Santa Rosa
(Although K-Love is a nationally syndicated broadcast with stations throughout the country, I'm including it in this local list because K-Love started in Santa Rosa 25 years ago.)


KFGY - 92.9 FM
“Froggy 92.9: Sonoma County’s Best and Most Country”

Hip-Hop and R&B

KSXY - 98.7 FM
“Hot 98.7: Blazin’ Hip Hop and R&B”
Santa Rosa


KJZY - 93.7 FM
“Smooth Jazz”


KSRO - 1350 AM
“Newstalk 1350: Sonoma County’s News Station”
Santa Rosa

Public Radio

KQED - 88.3 FM
“Public Broadcasting for Northern California”
(This NPR station is located in San Francisco.)

KRCB - 91.1 FM
“Radio 91: Public Broadcasting for the North Bay”
Rohnert Park

KSVY - 91.3 FM
“Free Range Radio Sonoma: Bringing Sonoma to the World”


KRSH - 95.9 FM
“The Crush: Wine Country Radio”
Santa Rosa

KNOB - 96.7 FM
“Bob FM: We Play Anything”

KVRV - 97.7 FM
“The River: Classic Rock for the North Bay”
Monte Rio

KZST - 100.1 FM
“Sonoma County's Radio Station”
Santa Rosa

KXFX - 101.7 FM
"The Fox: The Rock of Sonoma County"
Santa Rosa

KMHX - 104.9 FM
“The New Mix: The Best Variety of the 80’s, 90’s and Now”
Santa Rosa

KTDE - 100.5 FM
“The Tide”


KBBF - 89.1 FM
“La Nuestra”
Santa Rosa

KXTS - 100.9 FM
“Exitos: La Que Te Mueve”
Santa Rosa

KRRS - 1460 AM
“La Maquina Musical-Studio “
Santa Rosa

KTOB - 1490 AM
“La Vaquera”
Santa Rosa
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