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Top 10 Bars and Clubs in Downtown Santa Rosa


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Intro and Russian River Brewing Company

These are the Top 10 bars and clubs in downtown Santa Rosa as chosen by About.com readers. They're arraigned in a handy pre-planned route. So, now, you don’t have to actually think about where to go to next while you’re busy bar hopping (or bar crawling) from one spot to another.

(Note: In March of ’07 I asked readers to email me their recommendations for the best (and worst) downtown bars/clubs. The direct quotes within this article are from readers’ comments.)

Start your bar crawl on 4th St. just west of E Street at…

Russian River Brewing Company

Several readers consider RRBC’s selections as the “best beers in the county.” Along with their “very tasty and equally strong” beers, this spot is also known for good pizza and Buffalo wings. And they usually have live music on weekend nights. The atmosphere is “fun and loud” although some readers didn’t care for the “quasi-industrial atmosphere” and found it “cold and gloomy.” RRBC also has a small, and usually very crowded, outdoor dining patio out front on 4th Street that is “the very best place in town for people watching.” Of course, that goes both ways, and watching the folks out on the patio—often tipsy and usually loud—provides good entertainment for passers-by as well.

725 4th Street
(707) 545-2337

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