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Peanuts Sculpture
Peanuts Sculpture with Snoopy and Charlie Brown

Peanuts Sculpture - Charlie Brown and Snoopy look over Depot Park

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This bronze sculpture of a smiling Charlie Brown with an arm around his pal Snoopy was commissioned by city and county agencies to honor Peanuts creator and Santa Rosa luminary Charles M. "Sparky" Schulz. Although Schulz had declined to have a public statue made of him, he did approve of one for the Peanuts.

Schulz moved to Santa Rosa in 1958 and spent over 40 years writing his Peanuts comic strips here. In the meantime, he became a beloved and respected member of the community. Soon after his death in 2000, the county renamed the regional airport to the Charles M. Schulz Airport in his honor. (The logo shows Snoopy atop his red doghouse, clad in goggles and a scarf, taking to the skies.) In 2001, this Peanuts sculpture was unveiled. In 2002, the Charles M. Schulz Museum opened two blocks away from his former studio.

Then, in 2005, the city organized the “It’s Your Town, Charlie Brown” tribute, which featured 55 statues of Charlie Brown placed throughout Santa Rosa, each uniquely painted by a different Sonoma County artist. The homage attracted a record number of tourists from around the globe who combed the city searching for each statue. The following year the city sponsored the “Summer of Woodstock” tribute. You’ll see the Charlie Brown and Woodstock figures sprinkled throughout town. We’ll see a few of them as we continue our walking tour.

Turn south and go to the Western Hotel building which now houses the Flying Goat Coffee Shop.
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