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DeTurk Round Barn
DeTurk Round Barn

The DeTurk round barn in DeMeo Park is the crowning glory of the West End Historic Neighborhood .

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Coninue north on Wilson and turn left on 7th St. Go to Western Farm Center, on your right, and cut through their parking lot. Turn left on 8th. Make a quick right onto Donahue St. which leads you to DeMeo Park and the DeTurk Round Barn.

There are only about a dozen historic round barns left in the state of California. Three of those are in Sonoma County. And two of those are in Santa Rosa. This one was built in the late 1870s by Isaac DeTurk, a wealthy winery owner and horseman. It’s about 20 years older than the other, more visible, round barn on Fountaingrove.

Part of the surrounding DeMeo Park is a dog park which was dedicated to a Santa Rosa Police K-9 named Maverick, who was killed in the line of duty. There’s a very sweet plaque there in his honor.

At the turn of the century, this neighborhood was called “Little Italy.” It is now named the West End Historic Neighborhood and it's an official historical district. Much of Railroad Square’s renaissance can be attributed to the resolve of these residents. Initially, the area began to decline in 1948 when Hwy. 101 cut this section off from the core of the city. Many of the residents moved away and the homes were bought up by absentee landlords who let the buildings fall into disrepair. Eventually, some of the run-down buildings became drug havens. But in the early 1980s, the residents banded together to fight crime and save their neighborhood.

Now that we've seen DeMeo Park, we'll move on to the DeMeo Teen Center.
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